Rise of the Swans, Mighty Fighting Hawks


martinAt the start of 2005, the Swans had not won a premiership for 72 years. Now, in the Paul Roos-John Longmire era, they have become an understated, efficient footballing machine with two more flags.

This is the story of how the Swans changed the direction of their club, establishing their own blueprint for winning: spirited team performance, a never-say-die attitude and a refusal to deviate from the plan. This is the culture people speak about.


But success is not easily won at this level. Smart drafting and trading – turning so-call

ed strays into role-playing premiership players – and incredible injury management have been critical to the story. Names such as Richard Colless, Andrew Ireland, Paul Roos and John Longmire sit alongside Adam Goodes, Brett Kirk, Jarrad McVeigh, Jude Bolton, Ryan O’Keefe, Barry Hall, Leo Barry, Nick Malceski and Dan Hannebery. The legend of the Bloods has been passed on.
No longer merely a bunch of blue-collar workers who pinched a premiership in 2005, the Sydney Swans who hoisted the cup again in 2012 are a fine tribute to their South Melbourne forebears. Hard. Disciplined, Relentless.

‘It’s not just about the premiership. It’s the way we’re respected in the football world. We never, ever had that before.’ Bob Skilton


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